About Us

Organization and governance: Critical Response Network is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization incorporated in New York and founded in 2006 by Robert and Victoria Davis. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Mission: Critical Response Network’s mission is to improve patient care, emergency response and community preparedness in the communities that we serve.

Who do we support? Our clients are the volunteer emergency service organizations, as well as the communities they serve. We define the volunteer emergency services as volunteer fire departments, ambulance services, disaster response teams, and search & rescue organizations.

Where do we provide support? We have selected the existing Emergency Medical Services Regions as our areas of geographic delineation and focus. Our initial areas to support are the Hudson Valley of New York and Northeastern Connecticut. Our web site resources are available to anyone with internet access. Our seminars are available for presentation on a fee for service basis. As we expand, we will hire and train a staff of local facilitators to implement our concepts based on the specific needs of an area.

What we do: Our ultimate goal is to improve emergency services response outcomes in our target regions. To achieve this we:

  • Increase awareness of the volunteer emergency services and the need for more volunteers
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of a volunteer based system
  • Increase available trained manpower in order to reduce response times
  • Improve management and provider knowledge, thereby improving patient care and other life safety responses
  • Increase awareness, through public education programs and our website
    • Accident, injury and fire prevention within the community
    • Preparation for natural & manmade disasters on a business, community, and individual basis
  • Assist individuals interested in volunteering to associate with volunteer opportunities that best fulfill their needs and best benefit the volunteer organization.
  • Assist communities to attain the best level of emergency service possible, whether volunteer, paid municipal, commercial, or some variation thereof. An informed public and an informed government are key. We provide 'best practice' options to the regions and the individual communities we serve.
  • Develop and maintain our web site as a resource for the general public, volunteer organizations, municipalities, schools, businesses, prospective, and current volunteers.
  • Provide information and consultation to municipal leaders and legislative members in support of the volunteer emergency services.
What are some of our activities? We work with individual volunteer emergency service organizations to assess their needs: identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the areas of recruitment, reactivation, recognition & retention of volunteers, training, public relations & marketing, fund raising, public education, and to assist them in becoming more 'volunteer friendly'.

We take a multi-pronged approach to the volunteer issues of the emergency services. We:

  • Coordinate recruitment, reactivation, recognition and retention efforts by working with all interested services in a region for a coordinated message, effort, and response.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive year round, region wide public relations and marketing campaign to inform the public of the importance of the volunteer emergency services. Many of our activities are based on sponsored support from business, industry, schools, and other community based organizations.
  • Provide a local and region wide mechanism for public education and, where practical and appropriate, coordination of public education programs.
  • Support emergency services management development through the development and/or sponsorship of courses and mentoring programs.
  • Assist with fund raising through grant sourcing and grant writing assistance and through our 'Fund Raising' seminar.
  • Provide a gateway for volunteer intake and smooth the way for the prospective volunteer. We utilize a variety of options for initial recruitment including phone, web based inquiry, information booths at public events and/or businesses, brochure distribution, as well as personal outreach by volunteers. We screen prospective volunteers and help them identify volunteer opportunities that best fulfill their interests, as well as that of the organizations in need.
Funding: Our services are funded through a combination of donations, bequests, grants, community based and emergency services industry vendor sponsorships, and in-kind support. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by state and federal guidelines.

Contact Information

Mailing Address: PO Box 248, Patterson, NY 12563

Phone: 914-475-8308 -- Please limit calls to M-F 9am to 5pm

Executive Director: Victoria W. Davis

Email: victoria.davis@criticalresponsenetwork.org

Website: criticalresponsenetwork.org


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